Truck & Trailer Solutions

We will match your hauling needs with one of these common Truck and Trailer capacities:

For loads up to 1,500lbs we would typically send a Pickup Truck

If the load is up to 6,000lbs we would dispatch a One Ton Stake Bed Truck with a 9 or 11 ft bed

For 16,000lbs loads 40ft long or less a Mini-Float will work well

If you need more capacity we can send a Single Axle and a trailer to haul 27,000lbs up to 48 ft long

For the Big and Oversized Loads we utilize a Tandem for up to 48,000lbs up to 48ft long or longer when required

Hot Wheels Trucking does not handle Hazerdous Materials


Hot Wheels Trucking is always ready to haul - 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week 365 Days Per Year !

If you are on the job then so are we, when you call we haul !

We LOVE our Customers so there are NO extra fees for Holidays or After Hours

Friendly Experienced Operators are Standing By ! Call 832-237-5339 to Start It ALL

That same number is good for Contracts, W-9, or Insurance Information as well

We hope to hear from you soon !